After UEFA commission’s visit to Ukraine in early February German mass-media started talks about possible transfer of Euro-2012 from Ukraine to Germany.

As alternative to Ukrainian cities are suggested Berlin and Leipzig located close to Poland - another host-country of Euro-2012.

German edition of Express cites commercial manager for German-Polish Chamber of Commerce Larse Bosset, who at RBB channel had his say concerning possible change of host-country from Ukraine to Germany for holding Euro-2012 matches. “There’s happening much more than we can even imagine off screen and behind public discussions” - told Mr. Bosset hinting at corridor talks in UEFA.

German edition supposes UEFA may refuse to Ukraine to be host-country of Euro-2012 as the country faces serious difficulties with stadiums construction.

In summer, 2008 there was information of Germany to substitute Ukraine and host Euro-2012 Championship together with Poland, though later Germany denied its negotiations with Poland concerning Euro-2012.


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